Elite Petite Fashion Club
Your Personal Fashion Consultant and Shopper

Your Personal Fashion Consultant and Shopper
No Time to shop for an upcoming event or a job interview? 

Bringing the World to you
Being very exposed to the world fashion trend and tradition, we will be bringing you novel styles which you will like, and will be the only one in the crowd wearing them. 
Be not troubled.  Tell us what the occasion is and our fashion consultant will put together an entire outfit for your event.
You know what you want but you do not have the time to look for it?
You ask and we listen. Putting our  fashion expertise and market knowledge to find your needs and buy them for you at affordable prices.

Designer Antique Choker Set

Give yourself the perfect mix of traditional roots with a modern touch. Crafted with high-quality stones, this beautiful piece of jewelry is one to admire. Weight -Choker: 25 gm Earrings: 6 gm
Length - Choker: 14 cm Earrings: 3 cm.

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Launching our new weekly 
"This Week's 5 picks"
This week's products are Elite Petite's hand-picked five handmade Indian Designer Antique Jewelry pieces.
How our Weekly "It's Now or Never" program works:

Every week, Elite Petite's fashion consultant handpicks 
5 items to sell on our website and other online market places for one whole week. When the week is over, the products are no more available for sale. We move to another category and another 5 picks of that category. It is going to be a fun shopping experience. Just make it a habit to log in every Sunday to see the new category and new items. we guarantee you elegant quality products at competitive prices. If you have a category or product you wish to see, please complete the request information form on this page, on which you can include your suggestions as well. Thank you.

Miranda Hirezi Mugnier
Owner/Senior Fashion Consultant