Elite Petite Fashion Club
Your Personal Fashion Consultant and Shopper

Your Personal Fashion Consultant and Shopper
About the founder of Elite Petite Fashion Club
Elite Petite Fashion Club is a Louisiana registered company, owned and operated  by Miranda Hirezi Mugnier.  Talking about why she took this detour in her career life (she is an economist by education and a translator by profession), Miranda explains "The idea of becoming a fashion consultant/shopper came to me after noticing that women, young and old, often approach me in public to compliment me on whatever I am wearing.  Unlike the impression I leave with them, I rarely buy designer clothes, or spend unreasonable money on my outfits.  My secret lies in the fact that I stay abreast with fashion, especially for petites, and know where to buy the same at lower prices. Most importantly, I believe that my secret lies in putting a whole outfit together and choosing each piece very carefully so that they look great together.  ELEGANCE is what I specialize in and would like to share with others through Elite Petite." 

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