Elite Petite Fashion Club
Your Personal Fashion Consultant and Shopper

Your Personal Fashion Consultant and Shopper
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Elite Petite Fashion Club Product Selections
We make our fashion recommendations and selections from trusted brands and quality clothing stores. Orders can be delivered to you within 2-3 weeks except for made to order clothes, which might take up to 6 weeks. 

While we specialize in clothing for petites, we like to be inclusive and extend the same service to ladies of all sizes. Our products are mostly American made.

How this works:

You tell us what you are looking for by giving us a short description of your special occasion [wedding, reception, work, church, etc.), and we will put together a complete outfit including accessories, shoes, and handbags that match or complement your dress. . 

To start please click on the Request Info button below and send a brief description of what you want. 
Custom tailored evening and wedding dresses
Hats for all occasions
Stunning Costume Jewelry 
Make-up of all brands
skin care products