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Your Personal Fashion Consultant and Shopper
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Your stylist at Elite Petite Fashion Club is fully aware that you are hiring her specifically to assist you in the selection and purchase of outfits that will make you look your best. In doing so, she commits to pay close attention to your color, style and price preferences. If, she feels that she has better ideas that conflict with one or more of your preferences, she will discuss such changes with you and get your approval, before she boxes the outfit/outfits she chooses for you. ​



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If you need my help with finding an appropriate outfit for a particular upcoming event, including your own wedding, please describe in a few words including the date of the event..

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Are you interested in custom tailored dresses? if so, print the measurement chart below and take it to your tailor to get the measurements. 

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For better results, your stylist prefers to receive 3 or 4 pictures of you taken in your 
favorite outfits at different occasions. This will facilitate the selection and recommendations,
 please email your stylist.


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